aibecy MOBILE 32 battery powered fingerprint time clock

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The Aibecy 32 is an economical fingerprint time clock with no software. Data is downloaded using usb drive.

Has a built-in lithium battery that keeps the clock operational during power failures. It is not known how long the battery will last. Our guess is 1 to 2 hours of use.

Like most clocks in its class, the Aibecy 32 is manufactured in Asia. It is also distributed by an Asian company. Because they are not located in the US, we suggest caution, although the financial risk is relatively low. Please read the reviews to be sure.


  • High Capacity & Multi-language for Free Switching- Support 1000pcs fingerprint, 1000pcs password, 100000pcs data storage. With human voice prompts, support English/Chinese(Simplified,Traditional)/Portuguese/Spanish.
  • 2 Attendance Modes & Built-in Battery- Support fingerprint and password authentication mode. Adopting membrane-free fingerprint collector, 360 degree accurate identification of your wet and dry fingers. Built-in 1200mAh lithium battery, attendance machine can continue to be used when the power fails.
  • TFT Screen & Key Design- With 3.2 inch high definition TFT colorful screen, clear and intuitive, which is convenient for users to operate. The machine with comfortable T9 input key press.
  • USB Disk & Ethernet Interface- Can use USB disk to download attendance reports, download/upload employee form. The product comes with Ethernet function, easy to operate and manage.
  • More Functions- Easy to do settings for Alarm/Shift/Attendance Time Allowed/Department, support Log Query/System Settings(Basic/Advance/Access Control/Communication) and other functions. Suitable for office, factory, hotel, school, restaurant, retail store, hospital.

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