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Compumatic MP550 Time Clock

Compumatic MP550 Time Clock

The Compumatic MP550 is a multi-purpose time clock. Use it for payroll, job costing, or document validation. Easy to use and durable. Also prints consecutive numbering or 13 preset messages.

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The Compumatic MP550 is a multi-purpose time clock and time stamp for your office. It can be used as a payroll time recorder, document time stamp, or a job cost recorder. Simple enough for small business, yet durable enough for large business.

To punch time, employees enter their time card in the slot then match the line on their card with the print head indicator. The Compumatic MP550 can be programmed to print automatically, or manually.

To validate a form, users enter a document in the slot on the right edge of the paper. The MP550 can print the date-time, date-time-message, or even a consecutive number with 1 to 8 digits. Programming is easy.

Compumatic MP550 Features

  • Easy setup
  • No employee limit
  • Manual or automatic print
  • Accurate dot matrix printing
  • Over 300 print configurations: Selectable hour format (12 or 24) and choice of standard minutes, tenths, or hundredths and even seconds
  • Built-in battery backup saves settings
  • Consecutive numbering - 1 to 8 digits with up to 9 repeats
  • Multi-language support - English, German, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese
  • Programmable alpha-numeric printing - up to 3 lines
  • Programmable I-Mark (*) - Identifies early and late punches
  • Secure key lock and user-selected password protected menu
  • Large, backlit digital clock display
  • Large, illuminated print window
  • Automatically advances year, month, date and time
  • Automatically adjusts for daylight savings time
  • Replaceable ribbon cartridge
  • Can use standard time cards
  • Wall or desk mountable


  • Compumatic MP550 time clock
  • One installed ribbon (purple)
  • User manual
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


The Compumatic MP550 is an economical way to record employee time. Like other side printing time clocks, it is relatively easy to program and maintain.

The Compumatic MP550 becomes most valuable if you intend to use more of its time stamp features to record on documents. That is, stamping documents with date and time and perhaps a preset message.

  • Time Clock Ribbon Cartridge (Purple, for MP550)

    Purple time clock ribbon cartridge for the Compumatic MP550 time recorder

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  • Time Card Rack (25 Pocket, Expandable)

    Expandable time card rack with 25 pockets. Fits cards up to 3.5 inches wide and at least 7 inches long. Mounts on wall

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  • Weekly Time Cards (1000 cards)

    Weekly time cards for all side-printing time clocks such as Compumatic, Amano, Acroprint, Lathem, and Pyramid.

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  • Ni-Cd Operations Battery (for Compumatic MP550)

    Keeps Compumatic MP550 time recorder operational during power failure for an estimated 3 hours or 300 punches. Self-installable if purchased separately

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  • Signal Relay Board (for Compumatic MP550)

    Internal board that adds a signal circuit and programmable bell schedule to your Compumatic MP550. Self-installable if purchased separately

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