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In the battle of the economical time clocks, Pyramid offers the 2500 bundle. A nicely designed, non-calculating, across-the-card time clock, with typical features found on other clocks.

If you are not familiar, this type of clock prints from left to right on the card for each day. In this case it prints on six columns, allowing a maximum of 6 punches per day.

For example, an employee could clock IN to start their shift, clock OUT/IN for lunch, clock OUT/IN for break, then clock OUT to end their shift.

The 2500 is easy to use, can be used with unlimited employees (within reason) and works with any pay period.

The 2500 package shown above comes with everything you need to get started.

  • (1) Pyramid 2500 time clock
  • (100) Pyramid time cards
  • (1) ten-pocket time card rack
  • (1) black/red ribbon cartridges
  • (2) metal case keys

Be aware the 2500 does not calculate or total the hours on the time card. For that, you'll need to look at calculating time clocks instead.

And like most electronics these days, the 2500 is manufactured in Asia... which helps keep pricing really low. But if it matters to you, Amano still manufactures their clocks here in the US.

Who is it best for?

Companies with less than 50 employees. We also recommend using it in office environments. Dusty areas are not a good idea because dirt could interfere with the dot matrix printer.

How do employees clock in?

Employees first insert their time card into the top of the clock. Then they press the IN or OUT button that corresponds to the correct column for the day.

Pyramid 2500 features

How does it help prepare payroll?

Again, the 2500 does not calculate hours. If you are recording hours for payroll, you'll have to add the hours by hand. A few employees will be fine, but a lot will be take you some time. See an example time card below.

Pyramid 2500 time card

What are the features?

The 2500 prints on 6 columns instead of 4. Thus giving the employee the ability to punch 6 times per day.

Like all clocks in its class, the HN3000 automatically feeds and aligns the timecard into the machine. Thus preventing overprint errors.

Can be placed on a desktop or mounted to a wall. Comes with necessary hardware.

The 2500 also prints late in punches and early out punches in red, has a large digital display that can be viewed from across the room, and can signal or operate external bells. But to be honest most clocks in its class off the same thing.

Pyramid offers the typical 1-year warranty. However they also offer free lifetime support. Which is nice.

Pyramid 2500 front view


The Pyramid 2500 is a good choice if you're looking for a cheap time clock. It includes features to get the job done, comes bundled with supplies and accessories, and is backed by free support.

Best used if you're on a budget, need a basic time clock, have a dust-free environment, and only need 6 punches per day.


  • Top-feeding and aligning. Drop the timecard in the slot, and the machine will (should) print on the correct line.
  • Automatically adjust for daylight savings
  • Optional internal alarm signal or external bell ringing
  • Average support


  • Does not calculate or total hours on timecard
  • Requires timecards designed specifically for the machine
  • Small printing on time card

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