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Allied Time AT-3000 Electronic Time Clock Machine and Time Stamp

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  • For Employee Payroll, or Validating Documents
  • 13 Preset Messages Such as RCVD, SENT, FAXD more
  • Selectable Hours and Minutes Format
  • Large LCD Display shows Date, Hour, Minute, Day of the Week
  • Built In Battery to Save Settings

The Allied Time AT-3000 is multi-purpose time clock and time stamp. Use it for recording employee hours for payroll, or for time validating documents. Printing requires you to align the card/document in the correct position while printing.

The AT-3000 also has the option to install a Ni-Cd battery. When fully charged, this will keep your clock operational for about 24 hours. Great if you have random power failures.

How to Punch Time

To print, insert a time card or document into the side slot. Activation can be automatic, manual, semi-automatic, or a combination. Because the AT-3000 is programmable, you can customize the print format. Here is a sample.

How to Prepare Hours for Payroll

The AT-3000 does not calculate hours. If you record employee hours for payroll, you must manually add the hours by hand (We have a free time clock calculator to help).


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