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Lathem 700e Calculating Time Clock Machine

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  • Fully Automatic Time Card Feed and Alignment
  • Calculates Elapsed Hours Between Punches and Total Accumulated Hours
  • Supports Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly Pay Periods
  • Uses Lathem E17 Bar Coded Time Cards
  • Automatically Adjusts for Daylight Savings

The Lathem 700e is an economical, calculating time clock machine. Compared to other clocks in its price range, the 700e accomodates up to 100 employees, where others only 50. Does not calculate OT however. Nice looking clock for sure.

How Employees Clock In

First, assign each employee a Lathem E17 barcode time card for each pay period. To clock in, have them insert their card into the top of the 700E. The card is automatically fed and printed on the correct line of the card. No need to push buttons.

How To Manage Payroll Hours

The image below shows a sample time card in two modes. With calculation ON and OFF. With calculation mode ON, the time card will display the elapsed time between punches and a running total of hours during the pay period. The Lathem 700E does NOT calculate overtime. If the time card requires overtime, you will have to manually calculate based on the running total.


What You Get

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