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Lathem 7000E Time Clock Refurbished by Compumatic

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Lathem 7000E Time Clock Refurbished by Compumatic

By Lathem
Item No. 7000e
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  • Calculates total hours worked, actual or rounded time
  • 100 Time Cards included
  • Handles up to 50 active employees or jobs
  • Auto-feed and auto-eject of time cards
  • 1-year warranty


A special deal from our friends at Compumatic Time. They acquired a special shipment of Lathem 7000e time clocks. Each one is thoroughly inspected and comes with a one year warranty. An excellent deal if you need a calculating time clock.

The Lathem 7000E calculates and prints totals right on the time card -- Elapsed time between the IN and OUT punches, and a running total of accumulated time. No PC required.

These clocks are refurbished and come with a very low price.

How to Punch Time

To print, insert a time card into the slot on the top. The 7000E will automatically feed and align the card for printing. The clock recognizes the time card by its barcode during the pay period.

How to Prepare for Payroll

The 7000E will print elapsed time between int IN and OUT punches, and a running total during the period. It does NOT calculate overtime. If overtime is required, you will have to manually calculate it by hand (We have a free time clock calculator to help).


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