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Compumatic TR440a Electronic Time Clock Machine

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  • Automatic Alignment Eliminates Misprinting
  • Free Pack of 50 Time Cards
  • Excellent Quality and Durability
  • Auto Daylight Saving Time Adjustment
  • Large Analog Clock Display and Smaller Digital Display

The Compumatic TR440A is an electronic time clock machine. Use it for recording employee hours for payroll. We call it a top loader, it requires the user to insert a special time card in the top, just like a toaster.

In comparison to similar clocks, the TR440A is very durable for demanding use. In other words, it lasts longer. It also has a large analog clock display that can be read from a distance.

How to Punch Time

To print, insert a time card into the slot on the top. The TR440A will automatically feed and align the card for printing (thus avoiding overprinting mistakes typical of side printing clocks).

How to Prepare for Payroll

The TR440A does not calculate hours. If you record employee hours for payroll, you must manually add the hours by hand (We have a free time clock calculator to help). If you only have a few employees, this should be fine.


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