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Compumatic TR220D Employee Time Clock Machine

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Compumatic TR220D Employee Time Clock Machine

By Compumatic
Item No. TR220D
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  • Includes 250 cards, time card rack, 2 ribbons
  • Installed 8 hour operations battery
  • Installed signal relay for controlling external bells
  • 2 color printing to highlight exceptions
  • 1 year Compumatic warranty


TimeClockDeals does not sell the Compumatic TR220D Employee Time Clock Machine. Either we can't get it, or we can't beat the price. Amazon is really the best deal here. Prices update once an hour.

The Compumatic TR220D is an economical, non-calculating time clock machine. Unlike other clocks in its price range, it has an assortment of great features that are actually included. For example: 2 color print to highlight exceptions, a full power reserve battery in case of power failure, and a signal relay to operate external bells.

Beyond that, it has a great price. Like all top-loading clocks, it requires a specially designed time card, however they are also reasonably priced.

How to Punch Time

To print, insert a time card into the slot on the top. The TR220D will automatically feed and align the card for printing (thus avoiding overprinting mistakes typical of side printing clocks).

How to Prepare Hours for Payroll

The TR220D does not calculate hours. If you record employee hours for payroll, you must manually add the hours by hand (We have a free time clock calculator to help). If you only have a few employees, this should be fine.


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