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Citadel OB2000 Biometric Fingerprint Online Time Clock Tablet System

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Citadel OB2000 Biometric Fingerprint Online Time Clock Tablet System

By Citadel
Item No. OB2000
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  • Requires Active Citadel Online Account - From $12/Month
  • Employees Clock In with FIngerprint, PIN Number or Proximity Badge/Fobs
  • Built-In Camera can Append Photos to any Punch
  • Connect with Wi-Fi or LAN (Ethernet)
  • Lifetime Guarantee with Active Citadel Account


The Citadel OB2000 is a web-connected, fingerprint time clock tablet. Works online or off. It connects directly to your active Citadel account (sold separately). Simple to use and has a free replacement guarantee.

The OB2000 is plug and play, and very easy to use. No Ethernet cables required. Connects to your Wi-Fi.

Data from the OB2000 terminal is simply transferred to your Citadel account via the Internet

How to Punch Time

Three ways. Either by placing a finger on the sensor, by enter a PIN number on the keypad, or by waving a RFID (proximity) card (sold separately) in front of the terminal. A sound will confirm the punch.

How to Prepare Hours for Payroll

All data reporting is handled in your uAttend account. uAttend includes comprehensive features that cover most time and attendance policies for small business. At the end of your pay period, export your reports tailored to your payroll provider.


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