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Amano PIX-25 Electronic Time Clock Machine and Time Stamp

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  • For Employee Payroll, or Document Stamping
  • Auto Syncs with Atomic Clock in Colorado
  • Ribbon Life Indicator in Display
  • Prints in Minutes, Hundredths, and Tenths
  • Table or Wall Mount

The Amano PIX-25 is a multi-purpose time stamp and recorder for your office. It can be used as a payroll time recorder, document time stamp, or a job cost recorder. Simple enough for small business, yet durable enough for large business.

To punch time, employees enter their time card in the slot then match the line on their card with the print head indicator. The Amano PIX-25 can be programmed to print automatically, or manually.

To validate a form, users enter a document in the slot on the right edge of the paper. The PIX-25 can print the date-time or date-time-message. Programming is easy.


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