Time Clocks for Small Business
Acroprint ATR120r Employee Time Clock Machine

Acroprint ATR120r Employee Time Clock Machine

By Acroprint
Item No. 01-0212-000
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  • Fully automatic time card feed and alignment
  • Easy to Use, Push Button Card Positioning
  • For Weekly or Bi-Weekly Pay Periods
  • 2 color printing to highlight exceptions
  • 2 year Acroprint warranty


The Acroprint ATR120r is a popular, non-calculating time clock machine.

The ATR120r supports weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly payroll periods and can be set to print in minutes, hundredths, twentieths or tenths. Choose your preferred language from English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Japanese. You can opt to print "late in" and "early out" punches in red to quickly identify early and late punches.

Use the built-in programmable buzzer or connect to an external signal device to notify employees of shift start and stop times. (External signal device requires relay box, available separately.)

How to Punch Time

Just insert the card in the top slot and the ATR120r will automatically position the card, print the date and time, and eject the card.

How to Prepare Hours for Payroll

The ATR120r does not calculate hours. If you record employee hours for payroll, you must manually add the hours by hand (We have a free time clock calculator to help).

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